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Welcome to Oklahoma State University's 
FarmHouse Fraternity 

FarmHouse is building the Whole Man through four-fold development: Intellectually, Spiritually, Socially/Morally and Physically.

FARMHOUSE is a fraternity dedicated to the building of men.

     FarmHouse is found on college campuses throughout North America, from coast to coast, and is a fraternity dedicated to our motto – builder of men. The fraternity is a college home in which a man can be: creative, share responsibilities, make lasting friendships, express his inner self in an atmosphere of trust and understanding, learn lessons in living in a community of which he is an integral part, be accepted as a participant, learn the essence of brotherhood, and learn the caring of one man – and of a community of men – for the individual, the brother, for the community, and for the mutual welfare.

     FarmHouse promotes the growth and welfare of our members through a four-fold focus of intellectual, social/moral, spiritual and physical development. Such occurs when brothers – both students and alumni – gather together in a learning environment which inspires continued improvement as a scholar and as a gentleman of high character. Such affiliation encourages success in one’s career, in one’s personal relationships and in one’s community and civic engagement.

     FarmHouse sows the seed today which will, with time and nurture, produce the leaders of tomorrow’s world: the researchers, the teachers, the academics, the statesmen, the farmers, the business executives, the community leaders, and the professional men of the future whose task it will be to solve societal challenges.

To build men during their collegiate experience and throughout life, the Fraternity promotes members to live our principals in our daily actions, as reflected in our name – Faith, Ambition, Reverence, Morality, Honesty, Obedience, Unity, Service and Excellence – FARMHOUSE.

     The goal of a member should be not only to uphold these principals and the ideals and reputation he inherits, but to improve and expand them, for to stand still, to maintain status quo is to take a step backward.

When FarmHouse was established, our seven Founders wrote The Object, a statement of timeless guiding principles. The Object is part of our ritual and spoken at chapter meetings.

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The Object of our Fraternity is to promote good fellowship, to encourage studiousness, and to inspire its members in seeking the best in their chosen lines of study as well as in life. Progress shall mark our every step; the spirit of congeniality shall reign at all times; and every member shall be honest with himself as with his brothers. Men elected to our membership are considered to be of good moral character, to be high in scholarship, to have the capacity for meeting and making friends, and to give promise of service to their fellow men and to the world. To be and become such may at times require a sacrifice of time, pleasure and comforts.

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